Galen Press writers are trained and experienced in the dynamics, ethics, and mechanics of regulatory documentation, peer-reviewed publication, and healthcare marketing communications. They have advanced degrees in science, business, and other disciplines, and they are active members of scientific and medical writing societies worldwide.

Many Galen Press writers have also worked for years as editors of medical journals, where they have gathered detailed knowledge of how scientific publishing works and have facilitated publication of many hundreds of peer-reviewed articles.

The need for clear and timely documentation is critical to the success of product development and thereby justifies the use of specialists in medical writing.

The specialist medical writers at Galen Press write for a global clientele. They can:

  • Provide detailed consultation about documentation regulations, medical societies and meetings, and the world of peer-review journals;
  • Determine and coordinate necessary inputs from sponsor clinical or marketing teams;
  • Accomplish clear, concise, and consistent writing, on deadline, in accordance with the highest international standards;
  • Organize fast and efficient review processes for all constituencies;
  • Ensure timely submission of completed documents.

Our goal is to produce documents that are complete, easy to understand and review, and in tune with target audiences, minimizing questions.

Attention to good documentation is a small price to pay to ensure the best chance of regulatory and/or publication success for product development.